SSE Setup

SSESoot temperature and the local integrated soot volume fraction can also be measured optically  using the spectral soot emission (SSE) technique that has recently been developed in our lab. It does this  by taking a line-of-sight measurement through a chord in the flame and uses an Abel inversion to get  point measurements. The thermal radiation of the soot produced in the flame chord is imaged onto a  narrow entrance slit of a spectrometer. An optical grating inside the spectrometer divides the incident  flame radiation into a spectrum and images it onto the pixels of a charge-couple device (CCD) detector  [1].



1. D. R. Snelling, K. A. Thomson, G. J. Smallwood, Ö L. Gülder, E. J. Weckman and R. A. Fraser,  “Spectrally Resolved Measurement of Flame Radiation to Determine Soot Temperature and  Concentration,” AIAA Journal, vol. 40, pp. 1789-1795, 2002.


A schematic of the SSE setup, Taken from the PhD thesis of Dr. Ahmet Emre Karatas, University of Toronto

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